STUDIO 676 (Military Poetry)


Donate To The Blood Bank | Bring A Child Back To Life|

Doctors couldn’t give valid reason
Medical science couldn’t explain it
The way 10 out of 11 of my brother’s blood
cells, disappeared from his blood stream as a
Such a case I hope never to be repeated
Tho one of a kind causes confusion
Endless doctors appointments are hopeless
You helpless
Due to incorrect diagnosis
More excuses and confusion – only one doctor
thought of taking a blood test
Results showed theirs almost nothing left
My brother needed to rushed to the hospital
The emergency fed liquids through a drip – he
was monitored 24/7
Doctors caught his spirit just in time before it
slipped – to Heaven
Rare blood type the blood bank didn’t stock
We were in need of an immediate transfusion
My brother’s life was saved due to the initiative
used by the youngest practicing doctor
He was the only one that came to the correct
Years later, slandered in media
Reported for helping patients
Saving them with medication
My brother’s savior chose the correct
He stands as a representation of ancient wisdom
His youthful age shows that healing is a gift
guided by a 6th sense and hold no age
Books are the guidelines, while students watch
on the side lines
But its he who just entered the field
Caring about human life that may just save
more lives sometimes



Gaddafi exposed Obama as Al Qaeder born, payed for from birth to be inaugurated into presidency when he reaches a certain age, to the leaders of the Arab nations before his death. He also gives the reasons for the deaths of the former Arab presidents, confronted the King Of Saudi Arabia about being protected and selling Africa out to the U.S & U.K leaders. Obama is invading Africa using rebel forces from within the countries, supplying them with weaponry, e.g Congo… documentaries have shown footage of U.S weapons smuggled over the African boarders by U.S armed forces to supply rebels, in order to establish new “friendlier governments”. Gaddafi was King of the continent, and was about to bring gold into play instead of the dollar so Africa’s economy can rise based on minerals the world goes to war for, so he strengthens his own soil, instead of “printed paper” having more value than the product you’re going to war for. Fall of the dollar would have been the fall of the United States grip they had over the world. Africa would have been the riches soil to live on due to the fact that, the Gold, diamonds and oil comes from here. Gaddafi was investigating the Illuminati and its connections to the United Nations. In the end, killed by his own country’s people like a street gang awaiting their victim. Gaddafi was on his way to South Africa, accompanied by South African soldiers who where given the order not to shoot to avoid war, but then what’s the point of president Jacob Zuma sending troops as body guards but telling them to do nothing if something should happen? How did the locals know where the president was at the time? why was the story changed so many times to slander the last legacy of government?

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  • The Theory Of Telepathy Used By The Illuminati On Civilians & Musicians. Are These Artists Telling The Truth About Their “Demonic Possession?

    [It was an Englishman, by the name of Myers, who, towards the end of the 19th century, was the first to give. The phenomena of thought transmission the name of telepathy, formed from the Greek words “tele”, meaning “distant” and pathos, which can be translated as “experience undergone, affection, emotion of the soul, misfortune, what happens”. Telepathy refers to a phenomenon – which you can call pseudo-scientific, because it can only be partially proved from a scientific point of view and which is closer to that which they Carl Gustav Jung called synchronicity, i.e. “simultaneous occurrence between two events or actual incidents”. So, in its original principle, telepathy is about sensations or emotions, which two people can experience, at a distance from each other, exactly at the same moment and which they transmit to each other perhaps by the power of thought.

    Scientific observations have been made with the help of electroencephalograms, by detecting and measuring the alpha waves, which we know, show up with great intensity, when people are concentrating very hard, but also when they are dreaming.

    The term “telepathy” was created to describe a phenomenon, which, according to certain reliable evidence, means the fact of experiencing a misfortune, a pain or a suffering, which another person is undergoing at the same time] – Hachette, Omens Beliefs And Mysteries

    In Illuminati Google search results:
    People have made claims that they’ve heard “voices” in their heads trying to influence their actions, more like people speaking telepathically to them.
    Then their are claims of demonic possession, such claims were made by DMX and former 2Pac Outlawz member Mutah Napoleon Beale who now lives in Saudi Arabia says his witnessed demonic possession take place before his eyes because of the Illuminati.

    Question: Can the human brain be hacked like a radio frequency?

    Answer: Yes